Doc owned by Charlie Shilharvey
Doc & Tug are Littermates out of Rage Doc @ Goose Hunt in St Charles, MO
Soldier (Danny Case) Hunting in Indiana Littermate to Ruckus

Ruckus at Dardenne Duck Club Fall of 2014

Rivers Cosmic Ruckus raised and trained at Webfoot Kennel, now the club dog at Dardienne Duck Club, St Charles, MO. Owned by David Hollo and handled by Levi Bauer Ruckus and a pile of Snows

Rivers Cosmic Ruckus raised and trained at Webfoot Kennel, now owned by David Hollo and resides at the Dardenne Duck Club in St Charles, MO. Handled by club manager Levi Bauer.

David Hollo and Ruckus November 2013

Taylor and Jake at their 1st UKC Hunt Test Fall 2012

Susie Owned by Mike and Amber Crane of Brighton

(PRINCE) 2 1/2yo British Lab Male intact. Well built blocky head very muscular. Will make a nice gun dog and/or house dog. Prince is very fast and stylish, big water entry likes to be with people and has had live fliers, delivers to hand, whistle sit clean in the kennel and loads in a truck, boat or trailer. This is a nice waaterfowl dog and can do upland birds as well.

Chris Klope of Alton after Roux's opening day Dove Hunt

Quick Roux update- took him dove hunting yesterday and he did a FANTASTIC job!!!!  Ground and water retrieves, winged and dead birds, found everyone and brought them directly to Jordan and I.  You did a great job of training him!  Looking forward to hunting with you in our pit this year!  All the best, Chris

ROUX training on live birds

Mitch,    Just thought drop u message. Took Jake out for first dove hunt this weekend, did wonderful. Retrieved every bird. Few went in pond and a few that I would consider lost that he found without problem. Gotta fix his breaking before command but otherwise couldn't be happier. ( Think a willow branch
to backside will cure  I hope). Thank u so much.  Hope all is well.    Jim Heath
Sept 11, 2012

August, Mitch and Dan Heard with Downtown Dusty Brown, August Sire.

Spring 2009, Busch Wildlife, Weldon Springs. Mo. AKC Hunt Test

2011 Class of New prospects in the field

Cooper, Rex, Jetta, Coors, Roxy, Clem are all Litter mates born in 2011, Ruckus, Katie, Mazee, Soldier are littermates from Rob Bransfield of Grants Pass, OR. Both litters were trained at Webfoot Kennel What an outstanding class!

COOPER purchased by Wm Adkins Meridian, Mississippi

Cooper is a 2011 pup sold as a started waterfowl dog.

 Wm Adkins texted  "Had a group of 6 come in cut 4, Cooper went and got all 4 he never missed a beat they were spread out a good ways he remembered each of them"

Cooper is doing great, best dog I've ever had! if you need any recommendations you have my number"

COORS owned by Jeff Karmack
COORS field hunting in Southern Illinois
Jetta and Ruckus Webfootkennel Retrievers
Rex with a nice Bull Sprig at Towhead

REX a 2011 pup trained at Webfoot Kennel owned by Colt Doyle at Towhead duck club in Pleasant Hill, IL. Rex is one of the daily retrievers used to pick up ducks and geese.

Soldier on a goose hunt in Indiana
Ruger & EL posing for Christmas card in Athens, GA

Captain Morgan's EL Nino was purchased in November of 2011 from Webfoot Kennel by Hoke Howard of Athens, Georgia Hoke said a flock of geese came over as he was getting ready to snap the picture, all 3 are intent on watching the geese. Good luck with El, she was raised and trained at Webfoot Kennel.

Hawk & Terra after a brisk morning Snow Goose Hunt.

It takes a dog with a lot of desire to enter ice filled water to retrieve a goose, but determination is what kept them returning for more. We limited their retrieves that morning as we were watching for signs of hypothermia, neither of them showed any signs, but we took them to the truck to thaw out to be safe.